Ever since I started to program I have been working in Eclipse. I have always liked it for it’s simplicity, plugins and the all-in-one solution. Some of my fellow students in University considered Eclipse to be slow. I didn’t agree if you would place it in the right context. Eclipse does a lot of things for you, I consider it only to be normal that it may take some time.

However, since I’m working at Inventive Designers the context in which I use Eclipse has changed:

  • The projects at university were very small, while Scriptura (the product we develop) is a standard enterprise project with who knows how many lines of code.
  • I’m working at multiple repositories at the same time and therefore use the integrated EGit client, whereas at university, I did it by using the command line.

When I started working at Inventive Designers I was first using Kepler. I didn’t use it for a very long time, but I don’t remember having any complaints about it. I quickly upgraded to Luna which I quickly started to regret. The entire application just seemed more buggy and some of the frequent problems I encountered include:

  • The console view does not fill up the entire region. I would have to change my perspective to something else and back to fix it.
  • Eclipse seems to hang when compiling, updating plugins, pulling changes, …
  • When Eclipse is not hanging, it’s just very slow. To prevent it from compiling all the time I even turned off automatic compilation. However, there is no option to do something similar for updating plugins.
  • The build-in suggestions to fix java code when a bundle needs to be added to the project sometimes screws up my target platform.

So, recently a new version of Eclipse was released. I quickly installed Mars hoping it would be better than Luna. After about a day messing with getting the code to work again (which is a problem of the code base and not Eclipse) I am now using Mars.

My first impression isn’t a very good one. The biggest problems, being slow and hanging are still present. On top of that I even have problems with running an Ant script that worked fine in Luna. Though I am not sure Eclipse is to blame for that as I may have forgotten to install something, or some configuration could be wrong.

I have changed from being a deep believer of Eclipse to another frustrated user who just doesn’t understand what the hell is going on. I can’t change IDE here at work, but I am thinking of trying Netbeans for my own projects instead of Eclipse.

I’ve searched for other posts of people complaining about Eclipse, mainly to find a way to solve all the issues I am experiencing with Eclipse. Though I never did find any solution, I have read posts of people who share my pains.

I also read about people saying that instead of just complaining, it would be better to make bug reports. Though I completely agree with the statement, I fear it is too little too late. There are a lot of obvious mistakes that should have been noticed by the community and should have been solved.

My conclusion of Eclipse Mars: “New version, same shit!”
Perhaps some of you may change my mind and assist me in re-finding my beliefs in Eclipse.


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