Devoxx 2015

This week the yearly java event Devoxx took place in Antwerp, Belgium. My company gave me the opportunity to attend this event for a day, and I have seen some interesting talks. In this blog post I will write about my impression and opinions of the event and some talks.

The event attracts a lot of people, and sells our very fast. I noticed this as it was very crowded, and I wasn’t able to attend two talks I wanted as the rooms were full. The buzz words of this year definitely were ‘Docker’, ‘Java Modularization’ and ‘Mico Services’.

There were three talks that I attended I got really excited about. The first one: Principles Of Microservices was, as the name suggests, about the principles of Micro Services. Although micro services is something that have been talked about for a couple of years, it is still something I have fairly no experience with. At the university we had to do a small project with it, and while I understood the purpose of it, I didn’t see the point of it for such a small project. Attending this talk made it more clear what the core principles of micro services are and how to do it right.

A second talk I really like, was one I attended out of necessity as the talk I wanted to attend at that point was full. It turned out the talk was not what I expected based on the title: Swimming upstream in the container revolution: Containerless Continuous Delivery. What I did expects was some Docker container bashing at why not using it. But instead, it was a talk about how Continuous Delivery does not have to depend on the usage of containers. It was a refreshing look on the current hype where it sounds like everything you do has to be done with containers. As I have nearly no experience with containers, as described in an earlier blog post, I have learned a lot about the practice itself and the general requirements.

Finally I ended the day by attending 7 Ways to Hack Your Brain to Write Fluently. Which was, on contrary as to what I expected, not about writing code fluently. Instead it was focused on writing documentation, which is even better as I tend to have a lot of trouble writing decent documentation. The 7 rules makes sense and are something I definitely want to try.

All in all, it was a very educational day, and I am excited to investigate and experiment based on the things I saw. On top of that I am also eager to start working with Docker more, just to find out why all people are using it, and what the hype is all about.


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