Carreer Switch

It had been a long time since I really felt I was working on a big challenge, something I could really put my teeth into. This is caused by the nature of most of the issues I was working on, as they were merely small bugs. Besides that I also felt a couple of other problems within the company. Many of those I have already discussed in earlier blog posts. It is a combination of these that I felt the need to search for a new challenge and a new environment.

I have found this within a company that does something completely different: automated guided vehicles. This is nowhere close to the customer communication management software I have been developing before. But it is this completely new start I felt was needed. At the same time it is hard for me to start something completely new as it contains a high level of risk, a lot of uncertainty and very little to rely upon. In situations like this I often get stressed as I seek for routine, a plan or something to depend upon.

I started there this week, and it is too soon to really evaluate my new situation but it is already clear that there is a huge difference with the previous company. It are these differences that I really want to feel, I want to get to know them and see what is better. How is it done in different companies, how is Software Development really done in practice.

Even if it turns out that switching to this new company was no improvement, I will be glad I made the choice, and I took the risk simply because of the lessons learned. It is impossible to know if a certain situation is normal, good or bad if you never experiences something different. I am looking forward to get to know more about other people’s opinion on how Software Development should be done and how it is done with this new company.


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