Wrapping Up 2016

And so has the year 2016 come to an end, and we welcome 2017 as a new year full of challenges and opportunities. So with some delay (due to my holiday) I wish you all a happy new year.

Looking back on this blog and what happened in 2016 it was alright. The goals I had set to write a post every two weeks was met as I wrote a total of 26 blog post. However, I failed to promote my blog and I didn’t do much to make it easier to be found online. I have looked into Search Engine Optimization, but WordPress demands you have a premium account for that, since I am only a simple and beginning blogger I have no intention on paying for this service.

I achieved a total of 169 views, which seems very little over a whole year, done by a total of 103 visitors. While this may sound as I only barely missed my target of 2 visitors a week, it was nothing like that. I had weeks where nobody visited my blog, and then the next all of a sudden 4 people.

I am very delighted to see that people find my blog both by using search engines as well as being forwarded, either by another blog, my linked-in or some other website. Though most people just seem to find my blog magically, as WordPress is unable to tell me where they came from.

It was sometimes very hard to find a topic for my post, even after reducing the frequency of my posts. I hope I can continue to keep writing blog posts that will interest you and me. So if any of you have some topic you want me to write about, just let me know.

In 2017 I hope to do what I did not do in 2016, share my blog with more people and spread the word. I am also thinking of leaving WordPress to a different blog, one that more easily allows me to do Search Engine Optimization and some other customizations I would like to do.


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