Wrapping Up 2017

As it has become a habit, the first post of the new year is one where I look back at what 2017 has meant for me and this blog. I also want to look forward of what I expect and hope to do in 2018.

Personally not much has changed, I am still working at the same company where I have contributed to a full re-write of some software. Most of the software was taken from an existing system and we had little control over, which means our contribution was pretty limited and most of it was done by a single guy. As a result, the new software is written poorly in my opinion, and while I have expressed my concern about this many times, nobody has taken any notice of this and no action is taken. Most of the existing software is not any better and a re-write or at least very invasive refactoring is required, but due to a lack of resources and because the importance of this is neglected by management no time is reserved to do this.

The company has tried to evolve, but failed in doing so and still struggles to get everything running smoothly. In the attempt to improve it actually created more confusion and uncertainty. Employees have been shifted around the organisation, much to the dissatisfaction of those employees who now all of  sudden have to do something completely different. Some of them already left, others are about to leave and more are thinking of leaving. It is clear that the company does not think about its employees, but even worse it does not think about its own future in the long term.

In the past year I have been learning a couple of new technologies, such as CUDA and Angular. I did start experimenting with Hadoop, but this is still in the early fase and I have not yet learned that much beyond the basic concepts. I do look forward to getting more hands-on with it.

My blog has been doing okay, even though the visitor count is a bit below that of last year. The beginning for the year started of weak, where the end has been going very strong. I would like to be able to say that it was because of my increased post frequency at the end or because of my posts about Angular. But this isn’t really true as my posts about Angular didn’t get any more viewers than my other posts.

In the next year I will of course keep on going with my blog post. The reason for the blog has not changed, and I still enjoy writing posts about topics. It triggers me to investigate and try something new. It causes me to reflect and investigate something I would normally not have done. I do hope to so a bit more activity and would like to see my minimum monthly visitors rise to 10.

Something I also want in the next year is a new challenge. It is still unclear what exactly that should be, but I want to get rid of the boredom I feel at work at the moment. I definitely want to keep learning new technologies and hot on my list are: Hadoop, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain. While I won’t be able to do something useful with all of them, just getting some started experience would be great.


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