GroceriesInsight – Introduction

In the past I tried to contribute to an open-source C++ project, mainly because I want to keep my knowledge of C++ up-to-date. However finding an interesting project has been tough, but eventually I did find one. However, as with all projects there is a quite a big learning curve to get involved. Due to my lack of time, this never really took of.

Recently I decided to start working an a personal project, as with all of these projects they arise from a feel of need. The application I will create has as main goal to keep track of expenses. There are probably a lot of other applications that can do this, but by doing it myself I will have more control over the features.

Personally I like to have a lot of control over things, and like to keep track of everything. That’s where this application will come in handy, as it will allow me to keep track of how much money is spend on buying different things. This will be the core of the application, but there are plenty of other features I already know I will want to add.

The features that go beyond the normal ‘track-and-trace’ concept is to add nutrition information. With this information you could then do the same as other nutrition applications (like MyFitnesspal), but I want to go further by also being able to see the price per nutration. Just imagine that you can see how much a single calorie costs for different types of food, this would allow you to have price/nutrition optimal meals.

Another feature I definitely want to add is to keep track of the current stock, the amount of consumed and wasted food. Initially I also wanted to keep track of actual portion sizes, this is because for some food types it is impossible to measure the size. My idea was that if you just keep track of how many portions you have taken from a certain package, you know exactly how big your average portion is. But then how would you calculate your stock? Or the nutrition facts of the meal?

Initially it will just be a simple application I run on my computer, but in the long term I would like to have it be some type of server application. Then having an app on my smartphone would allow me to more easily track everything.

So frrom now on, every time you see a blog post with GroceriesInsight in the title, it will be about the progress of my application. I already created a separate category for it, so you can more easily follow how the application develops. The repository will be hosted on GitHub.


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