Job Switch

After a long period of being bored at work, doing meaningless tasks and no real software development, I decided to switch jobs (again). Although I only worked there for little over two years, the situation has changed in such a way that staying is no longer an option. It’s a long story which started with a take-over causing a lot of confusion and uncertainty about the future. After this announcement a few people already left, but it wasn’t until that they re-organised the way of working, which completely destroyed the software team, and split it up into separate developers that it all went wrong for us. No effort was put anymore in advancing the product we had, no new projects were sold, basically all development came to a complete halt.

It was with this reorganisation that all responsibility was taken from the team (and team lead) and pushed higher up in the chain. It created a situation where we had a lot of work, yet nothing to do. What is there to do if you are only allowed to work on things approved by management but they don’t have a clue about software and thus give you nothing to work on. You could argue that you can just spend all the time you have available and do certain work yourself. We did try to do this but all of our time was being monitored more closely then ever! Moreover, even though management didn’t give us any software development work to do, they did give us other meaningless tasks to keep us busy.

Not soon after more people left including our Team Lead and the company shrank from 25 FTE to 7 FTE. I already made up my mind to leave a long time ago, but I was waiting for some personal situations to clear up, once that was done it took some time to find a new job. It took a bit longer than I would have thought, but in the end I as well left the company to be released from the boredom and again start motivated working on a new challenge.

The new job is quite a big difference compared to the previous one. Of course it is still software development, but I have moved from Java to C++. This means that all frameworks, tools etc. are different. I also changed from a Windows environment to a Linux one. Instead of writing software for AGV systems, I am now writing management software for air compressors, a completely different world, but I am eager to learn more about it.

The company is a big difference as well, where the previous one was 25 people at the most, my current company is an international company with more than 10.00 people worldwide. But even just in my office there are hundreds of people. This will have advantages and disadvantages, but at least I hope to be able to say goodbye to the chaos and I would welcome a better organised and structured environment.

Because of all of these changes, I will probably also make some changes to my personal life. Where in the past I was looking for a C++ open source project to contribute to I will now look for a Java project now to maintain my knowledge of Java. Of course I will keep working on my own projects, which are written in C++, and I might start experimenting with some other languages such as Golang, Scala, Kotlin, C# (and others?) to see how they compare. I will keep studying and advancing in other fields as well, like Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Big Data, etc.


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