Chris Vesters

Software Engineer

As long as I remember I always had a computer, but until high school I didn’t have an internet connection at home. Being connected to the internet broadened my world, and started my interest in computers.

As time went by I learned more about how they were built, the difference between hardware and software and how programs were made. The impact, complexity and challenges of software fascinated me, and it became clear that it was something I just had to take part in.

Many of my fellow students struggled to determine what to do after high school. For me it was clear, it was obvious that I would start studying Computer Science. And so my 5-year long journey began which ended in 2014 as I graduated as a master in Computer Science at the University of Antwerp. During my master I specialized in Software Engineering, but broadened it with distributed computing.

For my master thesis I designed an Aspect Orientation framework that is easy to use for any language, both existing and new ones. This is an interesting topic as it is still much uncovered and new to discover, the knowledge I would gain and the challenge of achieving are the reasons I chose it.

After graduation I started working for an in-house software development company in Belgium. Where I was part of the development team creating a software product that enables companies to better communicate with their customers. I considered this to be a first step to something more innovative, something more exciting and challenging.

After 1.5 years, I moved on to a company that creates automated guided vehicles. As a first task I had to create a customer-specific material flow control system which manages the whole operation of the customer. Since this is now running smoothly in production, I moved on to develop and improve the fleet control software that guides and plans how these vehicles should move.

Another 2.5 years later, I switched to a company that creates software to manage air compressors. Although it is a complete different field, it is still an industrial application and still involves hardware.

Although I am shy and an introvert, I have a strong mind of my own which made me the person I am now. I am still young, and my head is filled with a lot of dreams but I know I have the ambition and willpower to fulfil them all.

I have many interests, but time only allows me to do a few of them. For now I restrict myself to working out, gaming and watching anime. Another one of my interests is Asia, and Japan in particular. The different culture and mysteries attracts me, and I maybe one day I will have the opportunity to live and work there. To accomplish this I’m currently learning Japanese and Indonesian.

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